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  • Investment property management.
  • Vacations property management.
  • Construction project management.
  • Vacation Rentals.
  • Online Information
  • Promote your rental home.
  • Background and  credit report.
  • Mortgage Payments.
  • Payments for services or utilities..
  • Insurance and tax payments.
  • Manage relationship with the tenant.
  • Coordinate repairs and maintenance of your property
  • We generate monthly and annual financial reports

Creating a Corporation

Another of our services is to help to foreign clients in the creation of a corporation or an LLC in the State of Florida, with the aim of a heritage protection benefit.

Limited Liability Companies or LLCs, are one of the most popular options within business structures and for people who buy property in The State of Florida.

Combine the protection of personal responsibility for the company having advantages in paying taxes and the simplicity of you organization.

In other words, the owners “partners” of an LLC are not personally liable for the debts and liabilities, and also have the advantage that they have to pay taxes once as shareholders on the benefits that the company has obtained.

In addition, the LLCs tend to be more flexible and require less initial documentation. Normally an LLC is headed by a “management agreement”.

These agreements usually include details of partners, including their relative rights, charges and obligations.

Our team is trained to manage your new company with simplicity.

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